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Whilst fixed odds trading is a relatively new concept in the financial markets I personally believe it offers not only an innovative and exciting way to trade, but more importantly is a much safer way for traders to learn. The reasons are very simple and I will explain them in more detail over the following pages, but in essence, they are as follows. Firstly your risk and reward in any trade is always known before you enter the trade. Secondly as this is a fixed odds trade, you cannot lose more than your original stake or bet and therefore do not have to worry about stop losses and money management. Finally, there is no leverage or margin, to magnify your losses. If you place a trade on the GBP/USD pair rising in price during the day ( or any other of the many time frames offered ) and you are incorrect, all you lose is your original stake – no more, no less.┬áThe trade is closed out automatically. This is the perfect training ground for aspiring traders, and by starting with a very small amount of trading capital, you can grow quickly, without exposing yourself to the risks associated with over-leveraging, so common in the retail forex market. Most retail forex traders lose all their trading capital very quickly, as it is sold as a way of trading, using very small amounts of money, to make very large returns often using leverage as high as 400 to one. The opposite occurs with the trader being over leveraged due to the small deposit, and he or she then ends up losing a great deal more.

There are a wide variety of markets available to you as a trader and I have listed the primary ones for you below, but as you will appreciate with a new trading methodology, new markets are being added all the time, along with wider options within the existing products. So let’s have a look at the various opportunities available.

  • Currency Markets – Forex is by far the most popular market for fixed odds betting, and growing all the time. Currently around 30 pairs are available including all the majors and some of the exotics, but this number is increasing. In addition you will also find more unusual pairs such as the Gold to US dollar pair, and the Oil to US dollar, so if you have a particular view on oil or gold prices over the next few weeks or months, then this could be a trade for you.
  • Commodity Markets – a wide variety of commodities are available including spot gold, spot silver and oil
  • Indices – Betting on an index is a great way to back your view of the longer term stock market trends. If you are a technical trader, then it is also an excellent way to hedge existing positions. Most of the major indices are now available, covering Europe, UK and US markets. The Hang Seng is also available to trade.
  • US Stocks – A variety of US stocks are available including popular companies such as Google, eBay, Microsoft, and Oracle.
  • UK Stocks – Again, a variety of blue chip stocks including Marks & Spencer, Lloyds TSB, Tesco etc The number and type of stocks available to trade will vary according to market conditions, but primarily they will typically be those in the the FTSE 100.
  • Random Index – The Random stock index is an index which is created using an equation that depends on volatility, interest rate, time, current underlying price and a random variable. All the parameters except the random number, are deterministic (constant and known).